Digitally Canadian
celebrating what it means to be Canadian, through digital media

The year 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canada as an independent nation. We have much to be proud of and celebrate, such as our multiculturalism, aboriginal culture, natural resources, people, and innovations.
While we can celebrate our past, we also plan for the future, one that is based on our identity, principles, and innovative ideas.

Canada-150 Ottawa-2017

This year is also the 75th anniversary of Carleton University. In 1942, a group of visionary citizens opened the doors of Carleton College in Ottawa to students building their careers after the Depression and military service in the Second World War. Carleton University is now a leading post-secondary institution, one that has provided a unique educational experience to 130,000 graduates over seven decades.


To celebrate these two occasions, Carleton School of Information Technology has partnered with a series of industry leaders and community organizations to explore the experience of being Canadian thorugh digital media. Digital technologies have become essential part of our lives and an essential part of our plans for future. Digitally Canadian is an initiative to celebrate who we are and what we want to do, through digital media. Artists, designers, developers, and others with interest in using digital media are invited to participate in this initiative, learn about various aspects of both Canadian identity and digital art and entertainment, and express their vision of Canada's past, present, and future through digital creations.


We aim to achive our digital celebration through a series of events in 2017. Each event is organized by one or more partners, and will have its own particular focus and theme while promotinhg and relating to the other events.
Our currently planned events are:


Global Game Jam
January 20-22, 2017
Host: Carleton School of Information Technology and IGDA-Ottawa

Global Game Jam is a 48-hour event for computer game enthusiasts to form teams and make games with an internationally selected theme, and an added local theme of "Canada". See our projects here. Visit us on Facebook
Adobe Creative Jam

Adobe Create Jam
March 28, 2017
Host: Adobe and Carleton University

Creative Jam is an evening of compatition and workshops focused on graphic design. See the highlights of this event.
Digital Storytelling for Children

Digital Storytelling for Children
November 22, 2017
Host: Ottawa International Writers' Festival and Carleton University

Children build the future of our nation, and stories are the best way to communicate ideas for them. It can be communicating thoughts, feelings, and lessons to children, or done by children to share whats on their mind. Digital interactive technologies open up new possibilities for storytelling in the form of games, interactive stories, apps, and various other forms on different platforms. Digitally Canadian and Ottawa International Writers Festival are happy to host a full-day joint workshop, to being together digital artists, designers, and children's writers, in addition to a group of children to work in teams and explore what digital technologies can offer to storytellers. Facilitated by experts in children storytelling and digital design, two parallel sessions will run during the workshop. More Info
Newcomers and Digital Media

Newcomers and Digital Media
Schedule Coming Soon
Host: IBM and Carleton University

Multiculturalism is the foundatin of our peaceful and welcoming society. With a focus on Design Thinking process, this workshop brings together professionals, researchers, and students from different disciplines to investigate the use of digital media to integrate newcomers into Canadian society.
Aboriginal Art and Culture

Aboriginal Art and Culture
Schedule Coming Soon
Host: Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations (ICMI) and Carleton University

This workshop brings together aborioginal and non-aboriginal artists and students to explores the use of digital media to present Aboriginal art and culture.


Carleton University IBM Adobe
IGDA-Ottawa Ottawa International Writers Festival Global Game Jam
ICMI Interactive Media Group Migration and Dispora Studies